Our Team

Ms. Gitanjalli Shah


Ms. Gitanjalli Shah, Director of the Company is one of the boldest and bravest women who always keeps her spirits high with positive thoughts. She is determined to make her way and get things done in a male dominated industry. Her understanding about the client requirement and the many ways and means to satisfy the client is where her talent lies. She is a vital part of decision making in the organization.

Mr. Deva Nand Pandey

Air Import/Export Operations Head

Mr. Laxmikant Kejriwal

Sea Import Operations Head

Mr. Vijayan

Sea Export Operations

Mr. Anant Kumbhar

Chief Accountant

Mr. Ashwin Govindan

Transportation Head

Mr. Karbhari Gujjar

Transportation Head

Growth Path


Intercepted and promoted by the highly entrepreneurial family of Mr. Narendra Mulji Shah, having decade old rich heritage and experience as a Customs House Agent in Mumbai.


Started operations in Kandla on Western Coast of India.


Started operations in Mundra, one of the most modernized private port on Western Coast of India.


Started operations at Ahmadabad ICD in Western region of India.


IATA accreditation received and Freight forwarding operation started.


Started operations in Vadodara ICD in the western region of India.


MTO accreditation received.


Masjid Bunder Mumbai office started.


ACAAI membership received.


Door Step Logistics-Transport division was opened


A new office was opened at JNPT


The company got ISO 9001:2008 certified

Our Mission

   The company‚Äôs purpose is to provide high service quality with superior customer service which is time and cost effective.   

Our Vision

   To be the company that best understands its customer needs and surpasses expectations with its competitive, consistent and reliable services.   

Our Philosophy

   To exploit every opportunity by identifying one even in a difficulty and continuously work on improving our skills and talents so that our list of strengths are just too many to be anything less than most competitive.   

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